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About Us

California Sunshine is a leading exporter of dairy products. Since 1991 our fresh milk and dairy products have been shipped around the world. California Sunshine is a division of Hidden Villa Ranch. Presently, Hidden Villa Ranch operates corporate offices in Fullerton, California, with annual sales in excess of 500 million dollars for its current calendar year. Hidden Villa Ranch is regarded as one of the most innovative food companies in the nation. Our daily business is comprised of marketing, trading, wholesaling, producing, exporting and distribution.
Our proven packaging and technology provides the benefit of having the freshest, longest shelf-life and provides our customers with the highest quality dairy products available. California Sunshine Extended Shelf Life (ESL) dairy products provide many advantages, including longer distribution time, expanded channels of sales and reduced volume on out-of-stock product. By specializing in shipping to multiple overseas markets, we have established the knowledge, experience and networks to ensure profitable sales and business growth.
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