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Food service & private label

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Private Label

California Sunshine appreciates that customers would love to buy just about anything with their brand name on the packing.  Let us take care of your Private Labeling needs. With more than 30 years’ experience, we’ll work hard to ensure that your good name makes a long-lasting impression. We guarantee that your customers will keep coming back for more of your own Private Label dairy products.

Almond Beverage

Aseptic Shelf Stable – 32oz Tetra Slim

  • Original, Vanilla, Unsweetened Original, Unsweetened Vanilla, Chocolate

  • 365 Days Shelf Life Gable Top – 64oz Refrigerated

  • Original, Vanilla, Unsweetened Vanilla, Chocolate


Organic Milk


Gable Top –  64oz Rrigerated

  • Whole, 2% Reduced Fat, 1% Low Fat, Nonfat

  • 77 Days Shelf Life



Gable Top Refrigerated – 8oz, 32oz, 64oz

  • Whole, 2% Reduced Fat, 1% Low Fat, Nonfat, Chocolate 1%

  • 77-85 Days Shelf Life – varies by SKU


Half & Half

Plastic Refrigerated – 32oz

  • 183 Days Shelf Life

Gable Top –  32oz Refrigerated

  • 70 Days Shelf Life


Whipping Cream


Gable Top 8oz, 16oz, 32oz, and 2-2.5 gal Bag and Box

  • 30% BF, 36% BF, 40% BF

  • 70-90 Days Shelf Life


Organic Creamers


Plastic Refrigerated – 16oz

  • Original, French Vanilla, Hazelnut

  • 183 Days Shelf Life


Aseptic Creamers


Aseptic Shelf Stable – 32oz Tetra Slim. 17oz  Prisma

  • Original, Vanilla, Hazelnut

  • 214 Days Shelf Life


Non-Dairy Creamers


Plastic Refrigerated – 64oz

  • Original, French Vanilla, Fat Free French Vanilla, Sugar Free French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Fat Free Hazelnut, Sugar Free Hazelnut, Seasonal Vanilla Caramel, Fat Free Vanilla Caramel, Peppermint Mocha, Pumpkin Spice

  • 183 Days Shelf Life


Sports Nutrition/Meal Replacement/Adult Nutrition


Aseptic – 11 oz Prisma

Plastic Refrigerated – 14oz

  • ESL


Ice Cream and Reduced Fat Ice Cream Mixes

  • Refrigerated Gable Top 64oz

  • 2-2.5 gal Bag and Box

  • Vanilla and Chocolate

  • 70-120 Days Shelf Life

Food Service and Private label

Quality & Technology

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