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Extended Shelf Life (ESL) Beverages

With extensive research and development and ESL production technology, we can deliver better-tasting, longer-lasting products. Our products are produced at three of the industry’s leading ESL facilities where we produce best-in-class dairy and non-dairy products that maintain their flavor and consistency for up to 90 days.  Our ESL products make for a more sustainable and cost-effective product experience.

ESL Attributes

  • Reduced degradation during shipping and warehousing.

  • Fewer deliveries and increased shipping distance.

  • Expanded distribution for increased sales capabilities.

  • ESL technology lessens exposure to external bacteria resulting in increased food safety.

  • Fewer in-store out-of-stocks.

  • Fewer returns and reduced risk for food safety problems.

  • Increased customer satisfaction and competitive advantages.

  • Works across all categories:  soy, rice, coconut, almond, juice, and dairy.

  • Performs in paper, plastic, bulk bag, and hot fill packaging.

  • ESL technology is not just about extending product shelf life—it is an improvement in production processes resulting in increased food safety, which in turn, leads to longer shelf life.

  • We believe that ESL technology will be adopted as the future new standard for chilled, distributed dairy and non-dairy beverages.

  • Our three state-of-the-art ESL plants can produce quality dairy and non-dairy products with a consistent flavor profile equal to or better than pasteurized products and a shelf life of up to 90 days.

  • We are producing alternative beverages such as soy, rice, coconut and almond, as well as juice and dairy.

  • Aseptic capabilities.

Food Safety

  • Our ESL technology minimizes exposure to external bacteria and optimizes our ability to offer sterile product.

  • Longer shelf life allows us to hold the product while it is being bacterially tested.

  • Extended shelf life is more tolerant of occasional lapses in cold chain discipline during shipping and warehousing. It also results in reduction of returns and reduced risk for food safety problems.

  • Complete R&D work and able to work with customers from product conception through to a finished product.

  • SQF Level 3 certified.

  • Kosher, GMO free and organic certifications.


Extended Shelf Life Advantages

  • Longer shelf life translates to fewer deliveries and enables shipping over greater distances.

  • Expanded distribution and marketing results in increased sales.

  • Fewer out-of-stock due to longer shelf life.

  • Increased customer satisfaction and competitive advantages.

  • Paper and plastic ESL products as well as bulk bag capabilities.

Quality & Technology

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Quality & Technolgy
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