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Our Products

Milk Products

HVR Half Gallon2.png

Homogenized Milk

HVR 1% Half Gallon.png

1% Extra Lite Milk

HVR Chcolate Milk Single Mock-Up.png

1% LOWFAT Chocolate Milk

• HVR Homo Organic Half Gallons.png

ORGANIC Homogenized Milk

• HVR Lowfat Organic Half Gallons.png

ORGANIC Lowfat Milk

HVR Reduced Half Gallon.png

Reduced Fat Milk

HVR NONFAT Half Gallon.png

Nonfat Milk

HVR Half & Half single.png

Half & Half

• HVR Reduced Fat Organic Half Gallons.png

ORGANIC Reduced Fat Milk

• HVR NonFat Organic Half Gallons.png

ORGANIC Nonfat Milk

Other Dairy

Egg Products

Egg Products

HVR-1083 Large Egg Cartons.jpg

Large USDA Eggs

HVR-1083 Cage Free Egg Cartons.jpg

Large Cage Free Eggs

HVR Liquid Egg.png

Liquid Eggs - 16oz, 32oz

HVR-1083 ExtraLargeEgg Cartons.jpg

Extra Large USDA Eggs

HVR-1083 Organic Egg Cartons.jpg

Large Organic Eggs

HVR Egg White 32.png

Liquid Egg Whites - 16oz, 32oz

Other Dairy
HVR Egg Nog Half Gallon.png

Egg Nog

HVR- Sourcream.png

Sour Cream

HVR- Cottage Cheese.png

Cottage Cheese

HVR Heavy Whipping Cream One Pint.png

Heavy Whipping Cream

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